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Modular systems

A versatile, compact and cost-effective modular system for a wide range of operational requirements. The modular AC 300, AC 400 and AC 800 systems are designed for large volumes of waste water. Areas of application are large painting companies, industrial companies that process water-based paints (e.g. liquid agitation machines) and offer flexographic gravure printing on foils, cardboard, labels etc.

A sophisticated system makes it possible to link all components – similar to a modular system. This results in near limitless combination and usage options and the ability to adapt optimally to almost all operational situations.

If you have a wash basin in use that you do not want to get rid of, then talk to us – it may be possible to integrate it.

AC 800 treatment unit
  • 15 employees or more
  • approx. 800 litres + buffer
AC 300 treatment unit
  • 8–15 employees
  • approx. 300 litres + buffer
AC 400 treatment unit
  • 10–18 employees
  • approx. 400 litres + buffer

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