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Painter’s wash stations from aqua-service make the process of cleaning brushes, paint rollers and other tools fun. Tools can be cleaned in just a few minutes using the appropriate accessories.

All painter’s wash stations in the compact and modular system series are environmentally friendly and comply with current legislation.

Let’s do everything we can to ensure that we leave the next generation, the children of today, a world that not only provides us with the living space we need, but also an environment that allows life to flourish and makes it worth living.

Richard von Weizäcker

Lassen Sie uns alles daransetzen, dass wir der nächsten Generation, den Kindern von heute, eine Welt hinterlassen, die Ihnen nicht nur den nötigen Lebensraum bietet, sondern auch die Umwelt, die das Leben erlaubt und lebenswert macht.

Richard von Weizäcker

Fachgerecht reinigen schont Umwelt, Mensch und Geldbeutel

Denken Sie mit uns um und setzen Sie dort an, wo Sie viel bewegen können – bei der Werkzeugreinigung. 

Mit den durchdachten Teilewaschgeräten von aqua-service entlasten Sie Menschen und Umwelt gleichermaßen. Im Handumdrehen sind die Werkzeuge sauber, das Wasser aufbereitet und gefiltert. 

Im Vergleich zum konventionellen Auswaschen sparen Sie mit unseren Malerwaschplätzen bis zu 80 Prozent Frischwasser. Gleichzeitig halten Sie geltende Vorschriften ein und reduzieren beträchtlich Ihre Entsorgungskosten.

Für jeden das richtige Reinigungsgerät

Bei uns finden alle Unternehmen von 1 bis 50 oder mehr Personen ein passendes Reinigungsgerät. Ein Malerwaschplatz erleichtert Ihnen die Werkzeugreinigung und Wasseraufbereitung unabhängig davon, wo und wie oft Sie Ihr Equipment auswaschen. 

Wir unterstützen Sie bei der Auswahl und finden für Malerbetriebe, Lackierereien, Flexodruckereien, Stukkateurbetriebe, Theaterwerkstätten, Berufsbildungsstätten, Schreinereien oder holzverarbeitende Betriebe die passende Anlage. Sie haben die Wahl zwischen Kompaktanlagen oder Modulanlagen, stationärem, mobilem oder völlig autarkem Kreislaufbetrieb.

Tool cleaning – Water treatment – Filtration

Clean tools and clean water in just three steps!

Systems and innovative solutions for work, people and the environment from aqua-service – made in Germany’s Black Forest!

Compact cleaning and water treatment systems with an optional integrated water circuit for handicraft businesses, print shops, small and medium-sized enterprises. The ideal system for every company size from 1 to 40 employees and more.

Can be used in a stationary or mobile manner for cleaning and water treatment. Reduces environmental impact and consumption of valuable fresh water.

Our systems comply with the legal requirements and guidelines, see the current Commercial Waste Ordinance.

Good reasons to
opt for Aquaservice

1 to 50 employees and more

The right system for every business

Approx. 10 litres

Fresh water consumption per facade roller (roller washing device rotoclean type H)

Approx. 2 minutes

Time required per roller cleaning process (rotoclean type H)

Commercial Waste Ordinance

Environmentally and legally compliant


Compact system
AS 120

Compact systems from aqua-service combine fast tool cleaning, water treatment and filtration in a single painter’s wash station. This system is designed for painting companies with up to 7–8 employees.


  • 7-8 employees
  • approx. 120 litres
  • mobile & stationary

Compact systems

These painter’s wash stations combine tool cleaning and water treatment to perfection. The AS series can also be used as recirculation systems (without a fixed water/waste water connection). Portability and an easily accessible filter system are additional features of this series of compact systems.

AS 50 compact system
  • 1–2 employees
  • approx. 50 litres
AS 80 compact system
  • 2–5 employees
  • approx. 80 litres
AS 120 compact system
  • 5–8 employees
  • approx. 120 litres
AS 160 compact systems
  • 7–12 employees
  • approx. 200 litres

Digital response to the challenges of today and tomorrow

The painter’s wash station goes online. The virtual meeting place for all aspects of tool cleaning and water recycling in the painting and varnishing business.

What our customers say

  • „My apprentices are really happy with this system – finally no more stinking settling tanks. It is easy to operate and the accessories are well thought-out, meaning that the cleaning process can be completed in just a few minutes. Cleaning the tools used to be a chore, but now, thanks to aqua-service, it’s a fun job.”
    Förderwerk Bremen GmbH
  • “Our company is synonymous with quality and cleanliness, both for customers and in our own operations. The system delivers what it promises. Fast and clean tool cleaning processes, easy to operate, clean water and no unpleasant odours. Honest and competent advice was crucial for us when making our purchase. The aqua-service system has won us over and we can recommend the system with a clear conscience.”
    JB Fachbetrieb - Jens Böhring
  • “We employ 20 people and use an AC 400 with WP2. The system runs perfectly and doesn’t give us any problems. Given our day-to-day experience, we would advise all companies with 15 or more employees to opt for the AC 800 with WP2. You won’t regret it. All my staff are absolutely thrilled with the system.”
    Maler-Menz GmbH
  • “Excellent equipment and superb service. The water and paint separate perfectly, in a legally compliant and environmentally friendly way – simply ingenious.”
    Malereifachbetrieb Domke
  • “aqua-service has won us over. We received expert advice, and the set-up work and training were carried out in a professional manner. We opted for quality rather than a low price!”
    Berger Maler und Ausbau GmbH
  • “Our organisation is committed to ensuring global access to clean drinking water. A great way to raise awareness and donations for our projects is the MILLERNTOR GALLERY, a colourful art, culture and music festival at the FC St. Pauli stadium. Thanks to the fantastic support provided by aqua-service, we have been able to make our festival even more sustainable and professional since 2018. The batch system AC 300 & AS 160 has always been a highlight of the MILLERNTOR GALLERY and a popular meeting point for artists and supporters. Roller cleaning has never been so much fun!”
    Viva con Agua ARTS gGmbH
  • „Our AC 400 with its four wash stations lives up to its promise. A fast tool cleaning process and clean water. On some days, we treat up to 2,400 litres of coloured water, some of which is reused for washing out. In other words, only purified water is released into the sewage system and we are able to reduce the consumption of fresh water.”
    Maler- und Lackiererinnung Mönchenglabach

A clean future is just one small step away...

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